Birnabag for child carrier Man with child carrier in Birnabag looking over Heilhordmet mountains in Norway

Birnabag by Birnadal

The protective bag for child-carriers

Windproof   –   Water-repellent   –   Insulated
Fits on any child-carrier
Safety  –  Caring  –  Comfort



A Birnabag contributes to greater safety as well as freedom to be outdoors with your child for a longer period of time.

The Birnabag will help you to keep your child safe even if the weather conditions change to the worse on short notice.



The Birnabag protects your child from wind and weather. The windproof, water-repellent and insulated bag helps you to keep your child comfortably warm and dry.



A Birnabag makes the use of a child carrier easier and more comfortable as there is no need of extra clothing.

The Birnabag extends the use of child-carriers as there becomes lesser limitations due to weather conditions.



The Birnabag may be used separately as a protective bag and as a protective bag in prams, pulks and bike trailers.

Birnabag has a button closure in the front when used seperately.


Real innovation

The unique Birnabag is a quality product with a functional design that makes it fit any child carrier, and it can be used seperately as a protective bag in many other situations. It has flexible and elegant adjustments, practical details and it weights only 1100 gr.
Birnabag´s degree of innovation, design and functionality made it win the Gold Award 2016.


The story

The inventor created the Birnabag because she needed to protect her son from wind and weather. She was born and raised in Bindal in Norway. Long ago, in Old Norse, Bindal was named “Birnadal”, which translates as ”the valley of female bears”. The inventors love and pride for this forest, fjord and mountain area resulted in the name of the patented bag, Birnabag By Birnadal.


The Birnabag in use in the mountains of Norway

Birnabag photo gallery

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Birnabag, the protective bag for any child carrier.

  • Fits on any child carrier
  • Windproof, water-repellent, insulated
  • Flexible and elegant adjustments
  • Practical details
  • Reflectors on the back and on both sides
  • Weighs only 1100 grams (39OZ)
  • Total cost per unit 180 €, includes free shipping within Europe

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